I Must Respond.

My faith compels me to respond. 
I must mourn with those who mourn. I must stand for the marginalized and terrified. I must use my position of influence and privilege to improve our society to the best of my ability.
I must respect and honor the God given authority of president-elect Trump. I must hold him accountable to true human and Christian values. I must stay realistic and active in fighting for justice.
I must also take hold of the hope found at the cross.

When Jesus died, he died for the mourners, the disenfranchised, the terrified. He died for the ignorant, the hardened hearts, the hopeless.

His resurrection signaled victory for all. 
The fact is, however, we as a church have gotten in the way of that victory. This election is merely a symptom of a deeper issue that must be dealt with if the church is to be effective going forward.
Those who are “other” than us have drifted from our hearts. They’ve been ignored, put down, and ostracized. 

Our responsibility as the church is to break down the walls of hostility, to open our arms, and to LOVE. 
We must treat all with dignity. There are no exceptions. We must realize God’s love for all and live that out in our lives, our words, and yes, even our politics.

Until we do that, we have no place at the table. We have to get our stuff together. 
I believe revival is coming. But I also believe we are the ones delaying its arrival. 

Christ didn’t intend for the church to divide, but unite.
Christ didn’t intend for the church to dispel hate, but radiate with love.

In this age, God looks to use us to build up faith, hope, and love in real and tangible ways. 
He longs to make societal changes.

He longs for the love of the church to be sparked with a passion that has never been seen.

He longs for us to open up our lives, homes, and churches to those who are belittled, wandering, hurting, and misunderstood.
He longs for change. 
Really, the question we need to ask ourselves is this: do WE want change? 

If we truly desire for God’s will to happen, we need to get out of the way and let Him do His thing through us. 

God is in control; but God is also in us. 

Let’s act like it. 


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