Jesus, What a Savior

Tonight I got the opportunity to teach a lesson to my church’s youth group, and while I was studying the lesson, I saw this sentence: “Because of Jesus taking our place on the cross, when God looks at us He sees Jesus’ perfect obedience despite our constant disobedience.” 
I believe this is such a powerful sentence that so many people need to hear, especially myself. Lately, I’ve been fed lies that if I fail to obey God’s commands that Jesus will do something to me to make me suffer. But that is so far from the truth. The truth is exactly what that sentence says: God sees Jesus in us. He sees perfection, however crazy that is to grasp. 

How could somebody possibly see perfection in me when I don’t listen to them, talk to them, or obey them? Sounds annoying right? How can Jesus love me so much when all I ever do is fail him? It just doesn’t make any sense. I need to accept His love and grace, but that’s not what I’m doing. Instead of feeling the love of God wrap His arms around me, I’m putting myself down for sinning, not reading my Bible, and just putting others before God. Yes he wants us to be convicted, but he doesn’t want us to live in shame and guilt. He died for us so we could live in freedom. 

I am far from perfect and do not deserve God’s great love whatsoever, but goodness I am thankful for it. Instead of wondering why Jesus would love someone who cannot possibly give the same amount of love back, I need to thank him and praise him and shout out the truth: that I have a Jesus who loves me with no end, and there is no one who can give me that special love other than Jesus. So with that, thank you Jesus for loving me and my imperfections. And thank you for not letting those imperfections take your place in my heart.

“Jesus, what a Savior, what a Brother, what a Friend. Lifter of the lowly, God you meet me where I am.”

“Jesus, What a Savior” by Housefires
Reflection by Kammilyn Wonner


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