Love in the Face of Hate

Historically, people of color have been marginalized and oppressed in the US. Their voices have been squandered, their bodies beaten, and their well being stolen. Sadly, systemic racism against people of color continues today in education, housing, employment, and everyday life.  In similar fashion, many religions and cultures have felt the pressure of systemic oppression. … More Love in the Face of Hate

Jesus, What a Savior

Tonight I got the opportunity to teach a lesson to my church’s youth group, and while I was studying the lesson, I saw this sentence: “Because of Jesus taking our place on the cross, when God looks at us He sees Jesus’ perfect obedience despite our constant disobedience.”  I believe this is such a powerful sentence … More Jesus, What a Savior

I Must Respond.

My faith compels me to respond.  I must mourn with those who mourn. I must stand for the marginalized and terrified. I must use my position of influence and privilege to improve our society to the best of my ability. I must respect and honor the God given authority of president-elect Trump. I must hold … More I Must Respond.